Health Officer

The college clinic came to birth in October 2003 when the college began to run boarding facility. The aim of having the clinic is to offer all the students and staff of the college prompt access to health care

The clinic renders 24hrs service.


The clinic has qualified nursing officer and a nurse. there is also a nurse from salus trust a health maintainance organisation


Case beyond the nurses in the college clinic are referred to Divine Medical Center, No 6 norman william street, ikoyi. Primary health provides which the health insurance the students are on make use of.





Student's Life is dedicated to helping students, and staff experience life at its fullest. Holy Child College is a unique interdisciplinary program provides a “home away from home” Such aspects of boarding school life are inevitable in order to teach and to educate the future generation of the best people. discipline and education are what prepare students for future situations which they might face in the real world after graduation. Socialization aspect helps in forming teams of students which can learn how to cooperate and function together in order to be successful and supportive for their friends (at school) and co-workers (after graduation). Great preparation for college and the future is what distinguishes boarding schools among other such facilities.


The Resource Center is a multimedia computer facility supporting up to 50 students in Holy Child's I.C.T DEPARTMENT. Leveraging digital storage and internet communications technology, the Resource Center works to provide opportunities for Holy Child's students to connect with a variety of Information, language communities and cultural opportunities throughout the world. In addition to supporting practice opportunities, we are available to support faculty efforts to incorporate specialized technology into their courses, and media support for certain large General Education courses in the College.

The I.C.T is a complete autonomous / group learning facility equipped with the latest multimedia equipment, a state-of-the-art computer lab, and two smart classrooms to facilitate quality Computer learning. As a small, free-standing department, we aim to collaborate closely with Departments to provide just the right technical support. 


Holy Child College Library system comprises with about 100 volumes.Based on number of items held (including musical books, encyclopedia, News paper prints, story books, etc.), and also equipped with an E-learning devices.


The College fee includes a meal plan. As a College resident, you dine in a College dining hall and enjoy menus that reflect the African character of the School.

Meals are served three times a day, seven days a week during your program session. If you live in the College, you must participate in the meal plan.

The hall can accommodate both staff and students in the College 


In Holy Child College, we've installed couple of solar water heater in the boarding house to help generate hot water for the students..