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"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, holiness and intellectual pursuits."

Holy Child education worldwide is an initiative by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus at providing qualitative education in a high moral and academic environment proposed to uplift the performance of girls at primary, secondary and tertiary education levels. Holy Child education is unique by its very nature. The Society of the Holy Child Jesus, founded by Rev. Mother Cornelia in 1846 in England, was then well known all over the world for its educational program for girls.
Cornelia Connolly's approach to effective education stresses on charisma, academic excellence and development of the 'whole child' – mind, heart and spirit and these values are evident today in all Holy Child Schools across the globe. Our founders' view that the girls should be educated to 'meet the wants of the age', remain as true as it ever was. 


The wants of this age require young women:
►To have confidence and ability to be the best that they can be academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually
►To challenge and question in a constructive manner that which they learn
►To become resourceful and active members of local and global communities of which they are a part.







Situated on a four acre plot of land at a strategic corner of south-west ikoyi, in ojo street off keffi street, Holy Child college with its well laid out lawns laced with palm trees and flowers has a serene atmosphere which is very conducive for learning.
Our college began with two classes of 15 girls each and 4 Nuns as full time teachers. To increase the number of students, a new class was admitted each year. By the time the foundation set had completed the six year program, the students population had increased from 30 to 200 and that was in 1950.
The foundation students of Holy Child College mostly came from Aguda (Yoruba meaning of catholic Lagosians), 
Old Lagos families like the Trezie’s Da Rocha, Vera Cruz, Ferera, Soares and Pinheiro,Pedro as well as other prominent Nigerian families like Apena, Akran, Alakija, Nwosu and Okoli.
In the year 1972 the government took over mission schools in Nigeria, Holy child college was one of the schools that was taken over by Nigerian Government 
However, the college was returned back to the catholic mission in the year 2001. And since then the school has been run by the catholic mission giving it unequalled and undisputed standard





At Holy Child College, we work towards educating young women of faith, integrity, substance, full of confidence that are focused and capable of making choices that will have positive effects on their lives and the lives of others.



Holy Child College came into existence in 1945 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, through the invitation of Late Archbishop Leo Taylor who wanted a good secondary school for girls in his archdiocese.

''As you step on the muddy street, love God with feet,and when your hands toil: when you teach the children, love God with His little ones''.


''Give me O Lord, a love full of action''


''As to be a saint is to will what God wills, so to be wise is 

to judge things as God judges them... let us never think

we have done enough''.


''We never know what we can do until we try. Perseverance gains the crown''.


''Be firm in your duty, but do not wound your neighbor, for there is a wide difference between firmness and severity''.


''Let God reign in your soul and in every movement of your body, not I but Christ in me''.



Cornelia Connelly



  1. To provide a Christian atmosphere in which the whole person is capable of developing to her highest potential.

  2. To encourage the Christian formation of young women capable of  exercising responsible freedom by offering them the opportunity in trust,where they learn to make choices and hold themselves accountable for these choices as mature Christians.

  3. To help them discover the value of human person by assisting the students gain knowledge and appreciate themselves and others around them.

  4. To provide a holistic education which will enable the girl-child to develop into a well-formed person who is capable of joining hands with men and women of integrity to contribute her quota to the socio-political, economic and spiritual development of her nation and the world at large.



Schools of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus share in the mission of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus which is:

  1. "To help others to believe that GOD lives and acts in them and in our world and to rejoice in His presence."


  1. To  develop mature persons capable in making choices that will enrich their own lives and contribute positively to the live of others.

  2. To provide a conducive teaching and learning environment.

  3. To enhance high academic performance and provide intellectual skills through qualitative and quantitative education.

  4. To develop, through a holistic approach to learning, the all-round talent of the girl-child: academic, spiritual, social and cultural.

  5. To foster joy in teaching and joy in learning.



  1. TO FOSTER  a faith commitment that endangers a joyous personal response to God in the challenges of the world.

  2. TO DEEPEN an understanding of Christian community.

  3. TO PROVIDE an intellectually challenging and creative program of study that fosters academic excellence.

  4. TO WORK for Christian principles of justice, peace and compassion in every facet of life.

  5. TO CREATE a learning climate based on trust and reverence for the dignity and uniqueness of each person.

  6. TO FURTHER the integral human development of all who participate in the life of the school.

  7. TO PLAN for the development of Holy Child education in the School.





  1. Primacy of  the Spiritual

  2. Trust and Reverence

  3. Development of Gift

  4. Academic Excellence.

  5. Respect for the dignity of each person

  6. Concern for the Individual

  7. Punctuality