School assembly is a gathering of all or part of a school for any variety of purposes, such as special programs or communicating information on a daily or weekly basis. 



1. Thou art the light, the bright and morning star In whom we ever live and move and are Thou art the key to treasure new and old That turns the toil of every day to gold,
O Holy Child.
2. Thou art the living Bread from God come down To give thyself to men Thou art our crown The bud which blossomed forth from David’s stem Teach us to love thee poor in Bethlehem
O Holy Child.
3. Thou art the lamb of God, oblation made, When by thou mother in the crib first laid, Thou art the king, to whom our loyalty is proved by deeds, Not words of loyalty,
O Holy Child.
4. Thou art the way in which we learn to run With ardour, till thy father’s will be done, Thou art the truth, from proud and wise concealed, In swaddling bands to little ones revealed.
O Holy Child.
5. Thou art the life which God’s abundance gave, Which never saves its self which dies to save, Thou art the vine and we the branches, bear Grapes ripe for sacrifices, Thy cross to share.
O Holy Child.
6. Thou, Alpha – Omega, the first and last In whose eternal love our lives are passed, Thou are the Christ, the living God’s own son Make us with thee, in heart and spirit, one.


Blessed be the Holy Jesus Child
Now and Forever more, Amen
O Most Sweet Jesus
We beseech thee by thy Most Sweet Name
To be to us indeed Jesus, a Saviour
And grant us Thy own Spirit
The Holy Child Jesus.
Engrave this dear Name in our hearts
That we may feed upon thy sweetness
And burn with thy love,
That we may ever live and die in thee
O most sweet, o most meek o most
Loving Holy child Jesus.